Vote Young, Vote Often

Thanks in large part to 17-year-old Oliver York, and support from Generation Citizen, San Franciscans will decide in November whether to lower the voting age to 16.

Spoiler Alert: It makes a lot of sense.

"We're not trying to redefine adulthood.”


That’s Oliver responding to critics who say the move is a slippery slope.


After all, “today's 16-year-olds already work, pay taxes and drive 2-ton machines,” argues Celi from Generation Citizen, “They’re on the pulse of current events. And studies show their political knowledge is equal to 21-year-old adults.


About ⅓ of voters nationwide show up to the polls every year. Many of the problems behind low turnout can be mitigated by opening up the voting age.

High school-age voters would be actively engaged in American History classes -- an arena perfect for learning to deconstruct public media and political debates cooperatively with teachers and peers.

The 15+ countries that already have lowered voting ages now see voters who are active longer and more consistently than those who start voting later.

Bonus! Families -- including immigrant families -- are more likely to engage and participate in elections because young voters bring discussions home and can help navigate the process.

The fresh perspective and passion can be an antidote to apathy or an invitation to exercise their right as Americans.

This November, think Yes! on Measure F and let’s shore up the future of our democracy, together.

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