A Chinese Alleyway Tour Experience

After our final workshops at Vote16 USA, we bussed from USF (University of San Francisco) to Chinatown.  We went to Chinatown to take a tour of the alleyways provided by the Chinese Community Development Center Youth Program.  Through the tour we learned about our city's history, as well as the role of the Chinese community in the development of our city of San Francisco and in the development of the tourist attraction of Chinatown. But the most important piece of information I attained in the tour was the story of the Gordon J Lau school. Chinese youth used to not be able to attend schools because the government would cut their funds. The Chinese parents ended up suing the school and won, which eventually led to the founding of Gordon J Lau School. The story reminded me that I know that what we are doing with Vote16 is not government propaganda or false hope, but in gifting those without a voice and giving them a voice of justice.