Democracy x Art

On July 12th, YEA members gathered for an exciting workshop with Rachel, an activist and a social worker. Participants brainstormed the intersection of art and democracy. Could art subsist without democracy? Could democracy exist without art? Some people thought art relied on the existence democracy, but the connection was not feasible the other way around. Others believed that democracy and art went hand in hand. After a lively discussion, the group broke into two groups. The first group focused on creating a poem about democracy, showing how art and democracy could interweave. The second group, the movement group, human-sculpted each person's perception of democracy and art. The movement group ended by creating a pose symbolizing art and democracy. Thank you Rachel for an interactive and engaging workshop!

Here is a sample of poems created from the workshop!

We are what makes this country great,

confrontational and compassionate,

from different backgrounds but united by common passions,

not to be controlled in matters that are solely our own,

held down by those who are jealous,

and held up by those who remember what is right and what is left.

We are held to those that see our true selves and don’t let that rest.

Pure to the heart, we create imperfect perfection.

Our greatness is our country’s greatness,

Our imperfect perfection.

We are more than meets the eye.

We are more than anyone says we are.

We are the pieces of a bigger puzzle, the bigger picture,

learning from each other what we think and feel is true for ourselves.

We are at the same time ignoring others and alienating them.

What we lack in size, we make up for in strength.

We are more than meets the eye,

showing others to expect the unexpected.

We are adults who speak likewise men and look like children.

We are the children who will grow into adults,

and not realize our own children have become wiser.

We are vastly creative beings,

but some of us cannot express ourselves.

Caged by our elders

our voices are muffled by those who have passed their time to speak.

Some of us can speak but choose not to.


Look at yourself.

Remember you’re not a voiceless human.

We are of different histories, some with trauma,

different characters, some more outspoken.

And so finding your voice is not necessarily vocal.

We are all different but the same.

Remembering that our complexities and differences are

natural and essential for the democratic vision of ours to grow.

We are in possession of a voice,

capable of expressing what we want to express.

We are in possession of hands

whose movement is that of the mind but expression of the heart,

whose greatest asset is our courage to deny apathy.

We wonder what our future holds.

We are in possession of a heart that guides our hands and strengthens our voice.

We use our strengths to our advantage.

We use our minds to possess/project our voice.

We are the now generation.

We are the ones that will bear the burdens of the world.

We are the ones that can create change.

We are breaking the status quo,

young and old at heart.

We are the ones that grew up too quickly,

who forget to share the moment,

but instead share the future before it happens.

We are the sons and daughters and children

of those who don’t always understand.

We are struggling with the fact,

that we can’t always make them understand.

But we won’t give up because

we are warriors (in disguise).

We are mistakes,

solutions, correcting our faults.

Not sure about our country’s democracy at this time,

but also positive that if we don’t do something

the next generation won’t know anything either.

But then again, then never do ( sounds a bit negative if you know what im sayin??)

We are all mistakes that are perfect, organic, and everything we could ever wish for.

And that is our burden,

the burden that is our conscience,

the right and the wrong.

Learning how to discern for ourselves in each new situation,

Learning day by day.

Making mistakes,

perfect mistakes.