The last three workshops at The Mix in the San Francisco Main Library, on the 19th and 26th of July and the 2nd of August, were lead by Jason Wyman, a writer and educator on storytelling. Stories are an important form of communication because they allow people to share experiences and can help people understand the situations of others. In the first workshop, we got to practice writing meaningful stories about photos we were shown. We looked at two different means of creating stories: the whale-method which began the process with outlining the plot and the cube method which began by setting up parts of the story such as the characters, setting, and theme. We then planned to bring stories that we wrote about democracy to the next workshop. However, very few people could make it to the second workshop, so we previewed the plan for the workshop and decided to meet one more time to actually do the activities. In the third workshop, we reflected on what we had worked on two weeks prior then broke into smaller groups to look at and edit the stories we had written in between the workshops. Finally, we looked at what story banking is and how to create a database of stories to tell. Altogether, it was a very successful and informative workshop!