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1a: Jillian Wu and Deon Williams preparing for the Vote16 and Board of Education Meeting.  1b: Alfredo of 50+1 and Celi Tamayo-Lee talking before the DCCC Meeting.  1c: Joshua Park, Lorelai Vaisse, and Iris Morell before the DCCC, encouraging them to support Vote16.

2a: The DCCC listening to the youth on why they should support Vote16SF.  2b: The Vote16 Youth listening to the DCCC's reasons on why they support Vote16.  2c: The Vote16 USA Youth Advisory Board, and the Vote 16 YEA on the Chinatown alleyway tour.

3a: Celi Tamayo-Lee listening to the Public Comment at the Joint Vote16 and Board of Supervisors.  3b: Arvaughn Williams on urging the Supervisors to support Vote16. 3c: Supervisor John Avalos listening to the testimony of the Youth.

4a: Anna He giving a regoinal presentation before  the Vote16 USA Youth Advisory Board.  4b: The Vote16SF and Vote16 USA Advisory Board group photo. 4c: A strategic meeting during the Vote16 USA Conference.

5a: Assemblyman Phil Ting giving a speech during the Vote16 rally.   5b and 5c: Youth at the Vote16 rally.

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